I'm gonna have to stretch this stuff out because these are my red meat. After that I may have to start dipping into my "back when I was rewriting Chain Reaction for Keanu" stories. The WOTW question relates to the arbitration and of course that's a sticky little fucking wicket.

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After MI-3 was delayed Cruise's schedule opened up and the movie was greenlit. The fellas went off and made the movie in record speed.

All movies are assigned temporary credits which are the studio's best guess as to what the credit will be. The Artful Writer has a great discussion on this topic here.

Obviously it's a complicated issue as temporary credits can be a studio's good faith effort to figure out what they think the credit will be But the temporary credit is just as likely to be an expression of the studio's wishes. Does it matter what that temporary credit is given that the WGA arbitrators have final say? Of course it matters. WOTW is a perfect example. I know.

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Shocking to find out. I'd link you to his IMDB but frankly the guy doesn't need my help and you probably know his credits better than I do. He's very good and he works his ass off and people trust him to get movies made. And they should. So they put David up for sole credit. What was their reasoning? Was that their best guess? Was that what they wanted to see happen? Didn't ask.

Didn't care. Didn't surprise me.

Except for me. And my wife.

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I'd include my parents but I think Dad secretly thought it finally validated his theory that I was too lazy to be successful. So what happens? David Koepp is free to continue being David Koepp.

He can do interviews. He can be in magazines. It's his movie, baby.

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Well, his and Steven's and Tom's And here's the thing How often to do you find yourself the sole credited writer of the most hyped movie of the summer?

Granted, it happens to him about every other year, but for the rest of us So you're David Koepp and you press your advantage.

As far as you and just about everybody else is concerned, you're it. He was on the set. It's his shooting draft. He's David fucking Koepp. Let me reiterate.

Where does that leave me? Did I mention that when I was working on the script it was supposed to be hush-hush? Kinda cool when I was working on it Kinda not so cool three years later. Whattya been up to? ME: Not much, you know. Getting ready for the summer ME: Well, you know, besides the obvious Hope it rocks.

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It was widely expected the gun ban would pass easily. Brazilians, living in a country with the second-highest gun-murder rate in the world after Venezuela , instinctively favored proposals to ban the sale of guns as a quick fix for reducing the nation's rampant violence.

But as citizens became more informed and thought more rationally about the issue, their opinions changed radically.

Brazilian television stations gave each side free commercial time to argue its position, ensuring fair and informed debate.

As Brazilians thought more about the gun ban, opposition steadily grew, culminating in the astounding and lopsided defeat for the gun ban referendum. Brazilian cities are plagued with epidemic gun violence.

Organized criminal gangs based in the favelas slums of Brazilian cities are often better-armed than the police. Ordinary street criminals are well-stocked with firearms.

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And the perception is widespread among the citizenry that the Government is inept at providing its citizens with basic security and protection. From these premises, Brazilians perceptively concluded that the absolute worst option would be for its law-abiding citizens to disarm en masse, leaving them even more vulnerable and undefended against the nation's well-armed criminals -- who being criminals would, of course, defy the gun ban and continue to stockpile firearms.

Brazilians realized that the last thing they wanted to do was to bestow upon the nation's theives, muggers, kidnappers and murderers the peace of mind of knowing that they can invade whatever homes they want or assault whomever they want with impunity, free of the fear that their victims may be as well-armed as they are.